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The electric car is at the rendezvous

Located at the edge of the green lung of Les Sables d’Olonne country, Forêt Domaniale of 1000 Hectares, Camping Domaine de l’Orée will acquire an electric car.
The climate plan launched by the French government in July 2017 sets at 2040 the end of the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles.
So, this is the moment of conversion to new engines, and what better than to take a step towards the future climate and environmental of our universe by acquiring an electric car for our trips within the campsite Domaine de l ‘ Orée in Olonne sur Mer, and increase the positive effects on the environment on the one hand and the well-being of our customers on the other hand:

  • Well-being Olfactory :

According to studies conducted by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth Europe and Transport Environnement published in 2010 show that in Europe, electric vehicles are more sustainable than vehicles equipped with the most efficient combustion engines.
So good news, our customers can breathe and take full advantage of the beautiful weather and outdoor activities at the campsite Domaine de l’Orée in Vendée during the passage of our technicians because the electric vehicles do not emit, during their displacement, any gas.
CO2 emissions are reduced by an average of 40% to 50% in electric cars compared to those of thermal cars and this reduction is greater than 90% in France where electricity production is almost entirely carbon-free.
A big plus for our campsite Domaine de l’Orée, establishment and staff who for the last few years have been involved in an awareness raising approach to the management of energy, water and waste.

  • A sound well-being :

The electric car is a very easy vehicle to drive because it has no gear lever to operate manually and no problem at startup. It is a super silent vehicle with its engine that stops when the vehicle is stopped, finally we can say hello to our customers in passing – without hurting their ears – to the delight of followers of the siesta as well as the grasses mornings to take full advantage of their holidays at the campsite Domaine de l’Orée in Olonne sur Mer.

  • And finally, A visual well-being :

Quite simply it is a more ergonomic car and very pleasant to look at
                                                      Let’s all act to save our planet

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