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Sea fishing Les Sables d’Olonne

Sail on the calm waters or unleashed ocean (well we suggest you stay calm waters), riding the waves and feel the spray invade your lungs, throwing ink and the bait and get ready to live a head to romantic to sporty head with a fish …
Vieux Port de peche en mer des Sables d'Olonne
Well, not Jacques Cousteau wants, and this is not on board the Calypso you travel but we have enough experience and passion to make you live an exceptional adventure and introduce you to the fishing at sea in Les Sables d’Olonne.
Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or an amateur looking for new experiences, we have at our disposal all that is necessary to lead you at your default dreams take you to the end of the world.
mackerel benches waiting for you, unless you prefer not fish for bass and cook delicious … Sea fishing Sables d’Olonne and barbecue on returning to the campsite to enjoy and share with your guests the fruits of your labor … This is a program that I am sure will not leave anyone indifferent … let alone your taste buds.
Bateau de pêche de en mer des sables d'olonne
So, as the holidays are the perfect time to try something else and to indulge in practices that can not be practiced on a daily basis, we can only encourage you to try the adventure at sea, for a walk or a fishing with friends … What better than the wild coast that borders the Sables d’Olonne to taste the pleasure of fishing at sea.
For more information you can contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website www.l-oree.com