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Swimming pool rules

Any person or group who enters the enclosure of the aquatic area submits, without reservation, to these regulations as well as to their extensions or references in the form of posters or pictograms located in any part of the establishment. Any person or group is required to comply with the instructions and directives of the pool staff.

These regulations will be displayed in a visible and permanent manner in the establishment.


The aquatic area is only accessible to people staying on the campsite and wearing a bracelet given by the reception.

The aquatic area is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (timetable also displayed at the entrance).

Access to the pools, slides and river of buoys will be prohibited ¼ hour before the aquatic area closes. Evacuation will also take place ¼ hour before the aquatic area closes.

Access to our water park is prohibited to:

  • Animals
  • Persons in a state of intoxication or with abnormal agitation
  • People under the influence of psychotropic drugs
  • People with or suspected of contagious diseases
  • Persons in a state of obvious uncleanliness
  • Children under 12 unaccompanied by an adult capable of supervising them
  • People not wearing swimwear

The management can always, for technical reasons or for reasons of force majeure, order the temporary or permanent closure of the aquatic area without anyone being able to claim compensation or damages.


The law does not oblige the campsite manager to have a lifeguard to supervise the swimming pool, the campsite swimming pool being considered as a private swimming pool for collective use, ie reserved for customers. The manager is only bound by the regulation of equipment and water quality.

Children who bathe in the pools of the campsite are under the responsibility of their legal guardians. In this sense, parents must also respect their duty of supervision. Circular of August 04, 1981: An opinion of the Council of State in session of January 26, 1993, confirms that this type of swimming pools whose access is reserved for own customers must not be limited as swimming pools open to the public within the meaning of Law No. 51-662 of May 24, 1951 (in the absence of the issuance of a paid entry ticket). Consequently, they are not subject to the supervision of qualified or even qualified personnel.

For the safety of the little ones, the aquatic area is closed by secure gates and meets hotel standards. The water park is a barefoot area. Shelves at the entrance to the swimming pools are at your disposal for your shoes.

People who cannot swim will take care not to go to areas where they cannot walk.

Rescue equipment can save a life. With the exception of a case of force majeure, the use of rescue, first aid and fire equipment is only reserved for members of the establishment’s staff.


Due to the evolution of hygiene standards, only Lycra and/or Neoprene swimsuits (fabrics intended for bathing) are authorized. Bermudas, or any other clothing not suitable for swimming (all fabrics not intended for bathing) will be systematically refused. Accepted outfits must clearly display their composition in Lycra and/or Neoprene (fabrics intended for bathing). Any loose clothing, even in Lycra/Neoprene, will be refused for safety reasons.

Cabins, showers and toilets are available for changing (in the entrance to the indoor swimming pool); as well as a changing table to change the little ones (compulsory aquatic diaper for swimming). We remind you that showers are mandatory before each swim.

Access to the pools will not be authorized for people:

  • Suffering from proven skin conditions or lesions
  • Not dressed in a classic and clean swimsuit, compatible with good morals and exclusively reserved for the bath
  • Not having respected the passage in the shower and in the footbath


Smoking is prohibited inside the aquatic area

It is forbidden to consume drinks and food inside the aquatic area

It is strictly forbidden to circulate with shoes in the enclosure of the aquatic area

It’s forbidden to :

  • To upset other bathers by acts or attitudes that do not respect others
  • To soil or damage the installations by inscriptions, drawings, dirt, cuts, blows or other processes
  • To run, to push swimmers into the water, to shout or to practice apnea
  • Dive or jumpTo use or coat oneself with any products that could contaminate the water in the pools

The use in the pools of flippers, snorkels, balls or any other objects is subject to the agreement of the lifeguard.

The management reserves the right to exclude without notice or compensation and to prosecute any person whose attitude, words or behavior would be contrary to morality, health and safety rules and not in accordance with the rules of the campsite


The management declines all responsibility for accidents caused by users, who will be fully responsible for damage caused to third parties, equipment and premises. The campsite declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft within its premises and cannot in no case be held responsible for any disappearance of objects or clothing

Without prejudice to any legal recourse, the management will decide on the follow-up to be given to any case not provided for in these regulations. Complaints or suggestions of any kind will be sent by mail to the management

In the event of a serious dispute, only the courts of the jurisdiction are competent.