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Best 4 star campsite in Vendée

And if you spend your holidays in the best 4 star campsite in Vendée? If for you it is difficult to know which I speak, I will tell you everything because it is very simple! We are fans of the Vendée and we go there regularly. We have scoured all the zones (littoral, back-littoral, bocage, …) in order to discover every facet of this wonderful department. We discovered such nice places and met such nice people that we were never disappointed.

Camping le Domaine de l'Orée

But this year, everything has changed! We who love to swim and change points of departure each holiday, we had such a favorite for the Camping Domaine de l’Orée that we sincerely think back to the best 4 star campsite in Vendee! Why come back? Because – already – we did not have time to visit. We felt so well in the campsite that we stayed there for the entire week.

Meilleur camping enfants

It is so nice to disconnect from everyday life and not to worry about small things such as shopping, meals, childcare, etc … Happiness staying at Domaine de l’Orée is that everything is planned! The staff (who is adorable by the way) is always helpful. We have always received a nice little word and smiles at each of our meetings. Our loulous fun at the kids club thanks to the activities organized for them. And I do not even talk about the giant paddling pool, the buoying river or the mega inflatable structures! They were in angels. And during that time, we also were in paradise, as we were able to blow and enjoy them thoroughly with this fabulous stay!

Of all the holidays we spent in Vendée, the campsite Domaine de l’Orée is without a doubt the best 4 star campsite in which we have stayed. The whole family agrees and we will be back next year, for sure!

– Story of the family D. –