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Last minute rental Les Sables d’Olonne

At Camping Domaine de l’Orée, we believe that holidays should not be a privilege, but that they should be accessible to all. So yes, there are those who know their dates well in advance and who can book their stay in the first minute. It’s really ideal to have peace of mind, so the program is complete and there is more to count the days. But for the others ? For those who are unable to know their holiday date months or weeks in advance. And yes, think about certain professions. And do not panic because we offer last minute rentals in our campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne.

Location les Sables d'Olonne

Choosing a last minute rental on Les Sables d’Olonne can also be strategic. For some it’s a question of price, and for those people we present many spécial offers on our website.

Piscine chauffée

Another reason for this type of stay is the weather. Indeed, the longer you wait for the last moment, the more (almost) you are sure you will know the weather in the coming period. While it’s a good idea, know that in our establishment, you can have fun in any season with our pool area which includes an outdoor pool, but also a heated indoor pool.

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The last reason to opt for a last minute rental in our campsite is to make a surprise! Who would not like to hear “Darling (e) you have 10 minutes to pack your bags, we leave for the weekend to Sables d’Olonne !”. This is the best way to break the routine and be romantic. So for all these reasons and much more, we are waiting for you in our campsite … your stay will be unforgettable.