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Campsite with pitch Last minute tent in Vendée

For a few years now we have noticed that the so-called “traditional” camping is back in force; Why do we observe such a phenomenon, what are the reasons for it? Most of the facilities have significantly improved their facilities, notably by focusing on aquatic spaces or wellness areas that have nothing to envy those of the most beautiful hotels, and these heavy investments, if they have participated To the development of outdoor hotels, have undoubtedly influenced rental prices.

This is the first reason why more and more people are looking for campsites that offer tents in the Vendée, and it is not uncommon for them to wait until the last few minutes to solicit us and make requests to us that Sens.

Emplacement tente en Vendée

Yes, the cost of a holiday stay decreases if one chooses the option “tent” and then, this mode of operation also offers more freedom. Indeed, you can choose at the last minute your destination, stop in a campsite with pitches tents in Vendée, discover the structure, its ambience, facilities, its entertainment program and decide to … leave or stay.

Camping emplacement tente en Vendee

It is also evident that it is easier today to organize his encampment than a few years ago; There are indeed on the market tents 4 people for example which rise in a few seconds.

At Domaine de l’orée, our campsite offers pitches last minutes in Vendée that should seduce you as they are spacious and wooded. For more information, you can always visit our website www.l-oree.com or call us on 02 51 33 10 59.