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Escapade entre le forêt de Mervent et le Marais Poitevin (1 day)

For a day nestled in the heart of nature, we take you for a walk in Mervent and in the Marais Poitevin. Follow us on this crazy adventure!

Let’s go for a hike of about 2 hours in Mervent.

From your campsite, Domaine de l’Orée****, reach the town of Mervent at 1h15 by road.

The first stage of this hike starts from the national forest of Mervent-Vouvant. Take the direction of Lac de La Mère on foot. Walk along this lake for a few kilometres, take the time to appreciate its curves, and then return inland, to the heart of the forest where you can smell the pure air in the shade of the tall trees. You will then pass through the village of Tessonières and come across the Verreries stream. After that, you will be required to retrace your steps. Find the plan in detail

Otherwise, we recommend another possible hiking route. The departure of this one is at the level of the parking lot of the Valley. You will take the forest path of the portal to start before skirting the lake of La Mère. Then, go deep into the forest and continue until you reach the alley of the greyhound, then return to the Tessonière before retracing your steps. The full plan ist ici.

During these hikes, you will have the opportunity to meet various animal or plant species in the heart of the forest and near the lake. The birds are very present there, if you are discreet, you will be able to observe them correctly. You go around a large part of the Lac , appreciate the peace and quiet of the place.

These courses are accessible to all levels, you just need to be properly equipped. For that, here is a small list of the unmissable for the day:

  • good shoes
  • A confortable outfit
  • Some water
  • Sunscreen and Cap
  • A picnic
pique nique mervent

A short lunch break

After this long walk, let’s take some time to recharge our batteries. Near your starting point, you’ll easily find a picnic table. Take your time to enjoy your break – you’ll need your strength for the afternoon!

Discovering Maillezais Abbey

After that, we take the car, direction Maillezais. You will find in this charming town the remains of a magnificent Abbey. This abbey dates from the 14th century and is accompanied by a museum retracing its history, which is constantly being improved. Its architecture was unique and its vaults reached 23 meters in height. Then discover the exterior and its immense gardens.

abbaye de maillezais
venise verte - Julien Gazeau/Vendée Expansion

Finally, a trip on the water

This walk was very nice but a little sporting activity on this summer afternoon would not be refused. On the way, take the direction of the Abbey pier. This pier is located at the Old Port of Maillezais and will allow you to discover the Poitevin marshes. Make yourself comfortable and sail on the green Venice and enjoy the calm and serenity.

Did you know ? In these channels, the green lenses rise and cover the water when it is not moving for a long time, this is where the name “Green Venice” comes from.

Alone or with a guide, discover the beauty of the landscapes. The surrounding greenery is a complete change of scenery. Alone, you will be able to advance at your own pace and paddle together. With a guide, you will know the secrets and the history of the Poitevin marshes.

Rates and Practical Info:

With boatman:

  • family €8 at €13
  • adults groups- 1 hour between 6 and €8
  • adult groups- 1h30 between 9 and €10
  • adult groups- 2 hours between 12 and €14

Without boatman:

  • family €17 – 1 hour (1 to 3 passengers)
  • family €21 – 1 hour (4 to 7 people)
  • family €26 – 1 hour (9 people)

After this busy day, head back to your Domaine de l’Orée**** campsite. A quick trip to the aquatic area will be greatly appreciated to relax and cool off. Between the lagoon, the outdoor swimming pool, the buoy river, the slides and the paddling pools, everyone will find what they are looking for.