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Camping with children Vendée

Everyone will agree; leave daily to escape the sun and enjoy this parenthesis to live otherwise it’s an absolute pleasure that we share with family. Nothing like new experiences, new landscapes to family ties and enjoy the presence of our relatives. L’Orée the Domaine is a campsite in the Vendée is an ideal place for children to learn to live together, to create social bonds, it is also a way for them to access some form of autonomy , of freedom.
Aire de Jeux au camping du Domaine de l'Oree
Some structures are more or less adapted to the care of children. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult for them to entertain themselves in a camp where activities and entertainment are rare, where there is no water park or mini club … In short, it is important before you book your stay to ensure that the structure chosen meets your expectations.
Domaine de l’Oree, our site aims to be a paradise for children, because everything here more than anywhere else in the Vendée is intended to make our tender ecstatic cherubs. In addition to the playgrounds, the paddling pool and aqua inflatable structures, our animators whose imagination is boundless, will your children motivated so that they taste good humor to manual and artistic activities that their will be offered.
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So if you are looking in the Vendee the ideal campsite for your children thrive and give heart to joy time this summer getaway, you just knock on the right door; so do not hesitate to contact us on 02 51 33 10 59 to receive more information, or visit our website www.l-oree.com to discover our campsite everything that will contribute to the welfare of your children.