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Camping relaxation and well-being

All year round the counter turns and on vacation we need to decompress and take care of us!

The campsite Domaine de l’Orée will seduce you in addition to its sun, its sea air … which are natural antistress by offering sessions every Monday from 10:00 to 12:00.
So take time and come and enjoy 2 hours of fun and relaxation by discovering our workshop * proposed by a professional and based on several techniques, a mixture of Sophrology (allows to relax and strengthen vitality), relaxation (allows to relax, to relax), Do-in (allows to activate the energy, to stimulate the body), Yoga (practice of specific postures).
Workshop for all: teens, parents, seniors …. sports, stressed, artists, retired, in a hurry 😉 
No need for experience, flexibility or other, this workshop is offered to take a moment to “take care of you”, combining relaxation and kindness without ruining you because these courses are offered by your campsite Youpi!
You will rejuvenate body and mind and find your “ZEN ATTITUDE

Put down your suitcases at Domaine de l’Orée and “let go”

(* upon registration at the reception)
You can join our team at or book via our website : www.l-oree.co.uk