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Campsite seaside Les Sables d’Olonne

Who has not heard of the Vendée coasts, of those endless beaches on which we have all built sandcastles more breathtaking than the others.
Who did not feel his heart vibrate, when the latter lulled by the song of the sirens, beat to the rhythm of happiness, who has not heard of the stories of sailors returning from the sea with a thousand anecdotes to tell … Who ‘ Has not dreamed one day of putting down his suitcases in a camp-site by the sea in the town of Sables d’Olonne.
Photo of the seaside and the large beach of Sables d’Olonne
Photo du bord de mer et de la grande plage des Sables d'Olonne
And how to cherish the hope of one day seeing his dreams come true?
Do not wait anymore and drop the moorings! Come and discover the Sables d’Olonne and our campsite by the sea, you will not be disappointed. In a wooded environment, close to a luxuriant forest of maritime pines, your idyll with the Vendée will only begin; And this love story for many of you has never experienced an epilogue.
Location de chalet au Domaine de l'Orée pas loin du bord de mer
Does this mean that only a generous nature can suffice for you? To ensure you fulfill all your wishes and make your holiday unforgettable we offer you many services, countless activities, we provide you with wise advice so that your quest for beauty and thrills is satisfied.
A few weeks or months to wait for paid holidays and finally … The doors of the Domaine de l’Orée, 4 star campsite located on the seaside at Sables d’Olonne will open wide before you …
For more information contact us at www.l-oree.co.uk or contact us at 02 51 33 10 59