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Promo Last-Minute-Camping in Vendée

While we usually take the time to book our holiday in January to take advantage of the “Early Booking” offers, we concentrated this year on other projects and we did not take the time to think To the holidays, still less to prepare them.
So, we consulted many websites, looking for the last minute promos that the campsites in Vendée would be able to propose. Our task was not very easy even if it must be admitted that I did not expect to discover so many last minute promos, because I thought that most of the campsites in Vendée were already “complete”.
Our choice was finally focused on a structure classified 4 stars and located in Sables d’Olonne, a seaside resort that we particularly enjoy; This campsite is the Domaine de l’Orée … A paradise for children, a joy for parents!

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When we arrived at this campsite, the children could not get over it and we could read in their eyes all the joy that animated them. Planted in a dream decor, emerges a water park which is one of the most beautiful in the department and which, you understand, marvels our dear and tender.

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Yes, we can say thank you to the promos last minute campsites in Vendée because without them, we might never have stayed in such a campsite. So, next year we will come back with pleasure and we will book our stay online in January on their website www.l-oree.com. If you want more information you can also contact them by phone on 02 51 33 10 59.