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The electric car is at the rendezvous

Located at the edge of the green lung of Les Sables d’Olonne country, Forêt Domaniale of 1000 Hectares, Camping Domaine de l’Orée will acquire an electric car.
The climate plan launched by the French government in July 2017 sets at 2040 the end of the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles.
So, this is the moment of conversion to new engines, and what better than to take a step towards the future climate and environmental of our universe by acquiring an electric car for our trips within the campsite Domaine de l ‘ Orée in Olonne sur Mer, and increase the positive effects on the environment on the one hand and the well-being of our customers on the other hand:

  • Well-being Olfactory :

According to studies conducted by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth Europe and Transport Environnement published in 2010 show that in Europe, electric vehicles are more sustainable than vehicles equipped with the most efficient combustion engines.
So good news, our customers can breathe and take full advantage of the beautiful weather and outdoor activities at the campsite Domaine de l’Orée in Vendée during the passage of our technicians because the electric vehicles do not emit, during their displacement, any gas.
CO2 emissions are reduced by an average of 40% to 50% in electric cars compared to those of thermal cars and this reduction is greater than 90% in France where electricity production is almost entirely carbon-free.
A big plus for our campsite Domaine de l’Orée, establishment and staff who for the last few years have been involved in an awareness raising approach to the management of energy, water and waste.

  • A sound well-being :

The electric car is a very easy vehicle to drive because it has no gear lever to operate manually and no problem at startup. It is a super silent vehicle with its engine that stops when the vehicle is stopped, finally we can say hello to our customers in passing – without hurting their ears – to the delight of followers of the siesta as well as the grasses mornings to take full advantage of their holidays at the campsite Domaine de l’Orée in Olonne sur Mer.

  • And finally, A visual well-being :

Quite simply it is a more ergonomic car and very pleasant to look at
                                                      Let’s all act to save our planet

We’re not going to lie … If the Vendée full of advantages, most tourists choose it as the ideal place for their holidays do so because they know the flattering reputation of the light side. A microclimate that leaves little room for doubt when it comes to imagining the sun at its zenith and especially its long stretches sandy areas that are among the most beautiful in Europe.
La Plage du Remblai des Sables d'Olonne proche du camping
Precisely, our camping Domaine de l’Oree is so close to the beach in Sauveterre, Les Sables d’Olonne, which was wont to say that it is feet fans and feet almost in the water that one comes strutting at the Domaine de l’Oree.
Plage des Sables d'Olonne     Plage des Sables d'Olonne
Provided infrastructure worthy of a 4 star camping, we strive to accommodate you in the most friendly manner: entertainment and activities for children as well as adults, you also enjoy the proximity of the forest of Olonne on sea to enjoy the tranquility of these places, unless you prefer to ride your bikes and cycle to breathlessly on the many bike paths that you can take the output of our site.
You understood, in addition to camping near the beaches in Les Sables d’Olonne, we can be proud to have in our many other assets structure, which we hope will not fail to seduce you .
For more information or if you have already simply the desire to book your stay in our 4-star campsite, contact us on 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

Sail on the calm waters or unleashed ocean (well we suggest you stay calm waters), riding the waves and feel the spray invade your lungs, throwing ink and the bait and get ready to live a head to romantic to sporty head with a fish …
Vieux Port de peche en mer des Sables d'Olonne
Well, not Jacques Cousteau wants, and this is not on board the Calypso you travel but we have enough experience and passion to make you live an exceptional adventure and introduce you to the fishing at sea in Les Sables d’Olonne.
Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or an amateur looking for new experiences, we have at our disposal all that is necessary to lead you at your default dreams take you to the end of the world.
mackerel benches waiting for you, unless you prefer not fish for bass and cook delicious … Sea fishing Sables d’Olonne and barbecue on returning to the campsite to enjoy and share with your guests the fruits of your labor … This is a program that I am sure will not leave anyone indifferent … let alone your taste buds.
Bateau de pêche de en mer des sables d'olonne
So, as the holidays are the perfect time to try something else and to indulge in practices that can not be practiced on a daily basis, we can only encourage you to try the adventure at sea, for a walk or a fishing with friends … What better than the wild coast that borders the Sables d’Olonne to taste the pleasure of fishing at sea.
For more information you can contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

Everyone will agree; leave daily to escape the sun and enjoy this parenthesis to live otherwise it’s an absolute pleasure that we share with family. Nothing like new experiences, new landscapes to family ties and enjoy the presence of our relatives. L’Orée the Domaine is a campsite in the Vendée is an ideal place for children to learn to live together, to create social bonds, it is also a way for them to access some form of autonomy , of freedom.
Aire de Jeux au camping du Domaine de l'Oree
Some structures are more or less adapted to the care of children. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult for them to entertain themselves in a camp where activities and entertainment are rare, where there is no water park or mini club … In short, it is important before you book your stay to ensure that the structure chosen meets your expectations.
Domaine de l’Oree, our site aims to be a paradise for children, because everything here more than anywhere else in the Vendée is intended to make our tender ecstatic cherubs. In addition to the playgrounds, the paddling pool and aqua inflatable structures, our animators whose imagination is boundless, will your children motivated so that they taste good humor to manual and artistic activities that their will be offered.
camping domaine oree olonne sur mer vendee structure gonflable
So if you are looking in the Vendee the ideal campsite for your children thrive and give heart to joy time this summer getaway, you just knock on the right door; so do not hesitate to contact us on 02 51 33 10 59 to receive more information, or visit our website to discover our campsite everything that will contribute to the welfare of your children.

The club opens at children Sunday, July 4, 2016
For a nice holiday in the Vendee the choice of host structure is paramount; Indeed, if this choice is sometimes agonizing as the supply of the material is dense, it must at some point make a decision. Carefully scrutinizing thousands of Internet pages on different sites and camping we always finds his happiness, the most suitable structure to our desires and our needs.
A family with several children can express such a desire to see on the campsite mini club; it allows parents to engage in activities such as kite surfing which remain inaccessible to young people. Because a kids club in a camp allows children to socialize, gain autonomy and above all have fun participating in numerous activities, it has become for many families an essential criterion when it s’ comes to choosing the place in Vendée where we ask her luggage.
Mini-Club pour enfants au camping du Domaine de l'Oree  club enfants avec mascotte mumphrey camping domaine de l oree olonne sur mer vendee    mascotte mumphrey camping domaine de l oree vendee (1)
Not that parents want to get rid of the children by leaving them in the kids club, on the contrary, they usually respond to the wishes of children who clearly express their joy and happiness, to find each day the group of friends with whom they created close ties.
Domaine de l’Oree, at this campsite in Vendée, so you find a kids club and an outstanding pool area, proof that here all the conditions are right for your children enjoy themselves safely.
Un camping en Vendée avec piscine pour enfants et mini-club  Pataugeoire-couverte-et-chauffée
If you would like more information about the services that our site is able to offer, on the operation of mini-club for example, or if you simply want to know what we can do in the summer in Vendée, contact -we at 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

Your children speak every day … Memories … In our campsite located in Les Sables d’Olonne you remember breathtaking descents on our water slides, barbecues with family or friends, evening entertainment where good humor is appointment, you especially remember this friendly spirit that is our trademark.
Yes, the countdown has started since your last visit to Domaine de l’Oree … The days tick by bringing you every day of your dreams of escape, tranquility … But take your sickness patiently because it will be soon rewarded.
camping avec toboggans aquatiques au Domaine de l'Oree
Your excitement like ours is legitimate, because you know that we worked all year to bring you the very best in the middle of the campsite. Yes, we still reserve some nice surprises. If our campsite has not moved, so the water slides that your kids love are still there, so our animation team is still as feisty, if beaches and forests are still attractive, news and not least you wait.
départ rivière à bouées piscine-couverte-vendée-domaine-de-l'oree bassin reception toboggans camping domaine de l oree vendee riviere a bouees camping 4 etoiles vendee petite
But as is the “mum’s the word” maxim surprise because we prefer that prevent … So, you can already prepare your bags, slippers and bathing suits, straw hat and sunscreen are also necessary because the summer will be hot in Les Sables d’Olonne.
If you want to know more about our campsite, the entertainment program or see pictures of water slides, visit our website or contact us at 02 51 33 10 59.

The buoys River is a 2015 novelty not to be missed !!! Settle into a buoy and let you slide on by the current 90m long. A river open access buoys in a swimming complex that will delight the whole family
Liste meilleurs campings en Vendeeriviere-a-bouee-toboggans-a-sensation-camping-vendeedepart piscine a bouee camping domained e l oree olonne sur mer vendee
The buoys river will entertain thrill seekers with its water tube filled with special effects and fairy lights for splashing arrival. Let yourself be carried away in its swirling tunnel alone or accompanied

Not forgetting our paddling pool, our 2 outdoor pools with slides, its hot tubs and heated indoor pool with direct access to the paddling pool for toddlers : ➡ 
Ow that you have found the perfect place for your children and yourself do not hesitate holiday 2016 is the Camping Domaine de L’Oree
Come glide with us, alone or with friends to enjoy the river buoys in an aquatic area dedicated to the whole family, from the smallest to the largest, we expect you !!!
For more information please contact our campsite 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

Free access :
About our aquatic area:  
Pataugeoire ludique chauffée

  • A real indoor heated pool with hot tub. Ideal in low season and free!
  • The paddling pool for small, covered under a veranda of 180 sqm, all in a pirate décor and free !!
  • Two outdoor pools (one rectangular for most sports), water slides for slides follies and whirlpool with free access. Sunbeds are also free.
  • A river buoy 90m long arrow: NEW 2015 Free!

On our playgrounds:
Aire de jeux au Domaine de l'Orée


  • Our 3 mega inflatables free and free access 11amto 19:30pm!
  • Our playgrounds without limited time!
  • Our sports ground, tennis court and petanque course our ping pong (loan of tennis rackets)

About our fitness room: Expansion and new appliances (2016 novelty)
salle-fitness-camping-4-etoiles-domaine-de-l-oree   From 18 keys at the reception (with conditions) !!
Most of the reception:
* Rentals on site barbecues, baby kits, bicycles, office services, information about the area tours, ticket sales (puy-du-fou, the aquarium the 7th continent …), free beach shuttle (July / August).
* Free WiFi (only at the reception and bar)
* Rackets tennis, petanque balls, board games, iron, vacuum cleaner.
Most of our rentals:
* wooden terrace, garden furniture, television (free in all locations), Inventory (consult our lodging page)!
* A welcome kit upon arrival including a roll of toilet paper, a detergent pod, sponge.
* Recent models range “EVASION”.
* NEW 2015: The Mobile home “EVASION” 4 bedrooms / 8 people and our range “Prestige” in 2 rooms / 4 people (to discover on our accommodation page)
Most of our activities: July / August
*  Our mini-club (4-8 years) ans kid’s Club(8-12 years)  in the morning and afternoon (registration the day before) offering eg cooking classes, make-up, mini-disco, exit to the beach and much more: happiness for your children and FREE.
* quality entertainment with our team of facilitators and speakers to enjoy our follies of entertainment for the whole family !!
fitness classes, aqua fitness, zumba course our cooking classes also for moms and dads, and much more !!
* video shoot your vacation July 20, 2018 and August 10, 2018 !!! Good memories perspective
We are waiting for pleasant and successful holiday for the whole family, so do not hesitate to contact us at

Today saw the countless campsites it is increasingly difficult for these structures to stand out and offer something different to customers than a traditional formula that includes a water park, an entertainment program and activities with the inevitable petanque tournament, a wifi connection for some in-between, sometimes a gym or a sports ground … It is already much when can we expect more of a 4 star campsite?
In the words of Sartre the “devil is in the detail”, that is why, at the Domaine de l’Oree, we are always looking to evolve our way to make atypical structure, view original. This year for example, the campsite offers its campers a video of their vacation.
Because holidays often leave indelible memories in our hearts, we wanted this gift is not ephemeral. Share these moments of happiness with friends, reliving the family, some years later, with your children smile rejuvenated by seeing the faces of their parents is crisis of giggles guaranteed. That’s why we want you to bring in your luggage excellent memories of our campsite with video of your holiday.
That this does not perhaps mean much to you, but it’s the kind of gift that becomes precious time … So, and hoping that this idea will delight you, we soon expect the Domaine de l’orée to live a fantastic holiday.
For more information on “your vacation videos” you can find on the camping site all the necessary information or you can contact us at 02 51 33 10 59

You have chosen a resort of character because it offers a perfect compromise to the holiday are you … It is a dynamic seaside resort able to offer you great deals all year. It is certain, stopping a few days or weeks at a campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne, you will find both sandy beaches and rugged coastline, you humerez fragrant essences of pine trees as you stroll in forest you observe the graceful flight of herons unless you prefer to go for a photo essay in the heart of the swamp … in short, nature is everywhere here, generous, abundant, as can the sablais who will welcome you warmly. If the urge to lounge on the terrace of a café takes you, know that you will not be disappointed because on the embankment of Sables d’Olonne or in the typical district of the Port of Thatch, you can taste the local specialties or sip a mint water without any difficulty since many bars and restaurants line the city.
Pour trouver un bon plan aux sables d'olonne contactez notre réception
Now that you have found the ideal place for your vacation, it remains only to find you accommodation. And we can help you find the right campsite map Sables d’Olonne.
Indeed, the Domaine de l’Oree, you will find everything you need … Near the town, beach, forest, and all this in a wooded area; not counting the many activities that await you and you will be offered. Seek not you just find the right map camping Les Sables d’Olonne …
Un bon plan camping pour passer d'agréables vacances aux sables d'olonne
For more information and if you do not wish to doubt the good plan that we submit, please contact our campsite 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

Enjoy your stay at the 4 star campsite Domaine de l’Orée in Olonne sur Mer, near Sables d’Olonne to stroll and buy local products directly on the market!

Olonne-sur-mer Market

Showman & Food market on Sunday and Monday from 9.00 to 13.00
marches 3

Le Château D’Olonne: La Pironnière Market

Showman & Food market every day from 8:30 to 1:00 p.m. in July-August

Le Château D’Olonne: Market downtown

Food market on Sunday from 8:30 to 13:00
images marchés

Les Sables D’Olonne: Market Hall Market

Food market open on Monday from 8.00 to 13.00 and on Wednesday and Saturday with local producers (1st floor)
marché couvert

Les Sables D’Olonne: Arago Market

Covered food market every day from 8:00 am to 13 h00
Open market on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and holidays from 8:00 to 13:00
marches forainssss

Les Sables D’Olonne : Cours Dupont Market

Open market on Wednesday and Saturday from 8.00 to 13.00
marchés forain 2
Do not hesitate to consult the local tourist information sites Sables d’Olonne to learn more about the events in the area.
For more information during your stay, please come to the reception desk of your campsite!
See you soon !

Welcome to the video gallery of Camping Site Orée in Olonne sur Mer in Vendee
image caméra
The videos are a powerful way of making you discover it right the Domaine de l’Oree. Best photographs, videos reflect the heart and spirit of the camp !!
Be guided by clicking on the titles to view the various videos offered good ride …

You will discover the Domaine de l’Oree filmed bike with a Go-Pro !!!

Since 2013 the Domaine de l’Oree organizes every summer “clip shooting your vacation” story to remember the good memories of your vacation … come participate with our team.

Our animators concoct crazy animations, click on the headline to discover !!!! guaranteed swing

Here we go, follow us to find an original way the Camping Domaine de l’Oree to see the mood and atmosphere that prevails ..

I’m back for 2016 Camping Domaine de l’Oree.

Looking for a friendly campsite with a relaxed, family atmosphere? A campsite in Vendee with nice amenities of a 4-star and many activities?
A genuine water park worthy of a theme park, entertainment, comfort?
Oree all the Domaine’s team remains at your disposal for any request 02 51 33 10 59 or

Want to stay during your next vacation to the sea near Les Sables d’Olonne and discover its beautiful embankment, beaches, markets, shopping streets …
Camping l’Oree 4 star property, located near Olonne sur Mer and Les Sables d’Olonne invites you to stay in one of its accommodations.
La Plage du Remblai des Sables d'Olonne
You’ll find multiple services at your disposal during your stay such as the water park with its river to 90m long buoys, its indoor and outdoor heated pools with whirlpool, water slides … a space of aqua fun for swimming children, bar and restaurant “the hut” with takeaways, the city-stadium (sports ground), children’s play areas, inflatable mega structures, the daytime and evening (July / August ), the club children aged 4 to 12 years (July / August) …
Near our campsite, enjoy your stay and discover Les Sables d’Olonne, beautiful resort on the Côte de Lumière, facing the Atlantic Ocean in the Vendee. Starting point of the Vendée Globe, old fishing village, the resort of Les Sables d’Olonne is unavoidable. Stroll in maritime pine forests or for a scenic walk in the salt marshes (Salines) where you can taste the salt. Beautiful excursions for the whole family!
Do not miss the visit of Les Sables d’Olonne and select our nearby camp for your holiday.

Opt for the Vendée for your next holiday destination !!! Refine your search for a campsite near the sea in Vendée, with the Atlantic coast Vendéen !!!
So, if you are looking for a beachfront campsite in the Vendée, discover the Domaine de l’Orée, a 4-star campsite located in Olonne sur Mer, near the Sables d’Olonne, family and dynamic resort.
The Domaine de l’Orée campsite is located near the sea and near the city center (about 20 minutes walk). To reach the campsite by the sea, take the bike path, the trail or enjoy the free shuttle in July to August.
chemin direct acces plage camping domaine de l oree vendee (1)
Look no further and book your holidays on the campsite “Domaine de l’Orée”, near the sea in Vendée.

For the safety of the little ones, the aquatic area is closed by secure gates and to the standards of the hotel industry. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, even in the playful wading pool. Wearing the permanent bracelet is compulsory in July and August. It is given to you upon arrival and must be worn throughout the stay.
Also note that due to changing hygiene standards, swimming shorts and underwear are no longer allowed for swimming in swimming pools, you must wear a lycra swimsuit (briefs or shorty) . We remind you that soapy showers are mandatory before each swim.
Cabins, showers and toilets, are at your disposal to change you; And a changing table to change the grandchildren (compulsory aquatic layer for the bathing of small ones). Shelves at the entrance to the swimming pools are at your disposal for your shoes. The management declines all responsibility in case of possible flights.

Come spend a weekend at Les Sables d’Olonne in Vendée in a 4-star campsite. The campsite Domaine de L’Orée welcomes you and offers a wide range of free activities: its aquatic complex with the 90m long river with buoys, its heated indoor swimming pool, 2 outdoor swimming pools, a water-based paddling pool under a veranda of 180 m² and heated for the little ones, its slides … its playgrounds, not forgetting its 3 inflatable mega structures, its multisports ground as well as its new fitness room …
Mobile homes or Chalets that can accommodate from 4 to 8 people, while you are in couple, family or friends, do not hesitate … Also discover the Mobile Home “PMR” adapted for people with reduced mobility.
Come enjoy also its direct access to a beautiful sandy beach and the many bike paths that surround it!

week-end ascension aux sables d'olonne

Contact-us 02 51 33 10 59

Campez Couvert for greater safety and from carefree !!!
To go with confidence in Yelloh! Village Domaine de L’Oree Discover our cancellation insurance with our partner “Campez couvert”

How to subscribe?

– By phone specify that you want to take out cancellation insurance, since it is optional but strongly recommended
– On our online booking site, choose the “Cancellation Insurance”
> 3.3% of the amount of the stay.

How to know the conditions?

For terms and conditions, please find the document for download on our website.

How to report a loss?

Just click here : “declaration of disaster

Who has not heard of the Vendée coasts, of those endless beaches on which we have all built sandcastles more breathtaking than the others.
Who did not feel his heart vibrate, when the latter lulled by the song of the sirens, beat to the rhythm of happiness, who has not heard of the stories of sailors returning from the sea with a thousand anecdotes to tell … Who ‘ Has not dreamed one day of putting down his suitcases in a camp-site by the sea in the town of Sables d’Olonne.
Photo of the seaside and the large beach of Sables d’Olonne
Photo du bord de mer et de la grande plage des Sables d'Olonne
And how to cherish the hope of one day seeing his dreams come true?
Do not wait anymore and drop the moorings! Come and discover the Sables d’Olonne and our campsite by the sea, you will not be disappointed. In a wooded environment, close to a luxuriant forest of maritime pines, your idyll with the Vendée will only begin; And this love story for many of you has never experienced an epilogue.
Location de chalet au Domaine de l'Orée pas loin du bord de mer
Does this mean that only a generous nature can suffice for you? To ensure you fulfill all your wishes and make your holiday unforgettable we offer you many services, countless activities, we provide you with wise advice so that your quest for beauty and thrills is satisfied.
A few weeks or months to wait for paid holidays and finally … The doors of the Domaine de l’Orée, 4 star campsite located on the seaside at Sables d’Olonne will open wide before you …
For more information contact us at or contact us at 02 51 33 10 59

The Vendée is a tourist hub not to be missed in our country. Rich with a prodigious historical heritage, sacred by the Wars of Vendée and the glorious epics of its heroes, the Vendée has made sure to highlight its many assets. Inspired by the General Council, its desire to develop the outdoor hotel industry contributes to this desire to invite more and more visitors on our lands. The fact is that today the Vendée is the second most attractive department of our country.
Tennis de Table faisant partie des nombreuses animations aux sables d'olonne
Because it is necessary for all tastes, our campsite Domaine de l’Orée has chosen to opt for the “All comfort”. In addition to a dream location, close to the Grande Bleue and a pine forest, you will discover a campsite with activities and activities that make it one of the most sought-after Sables d’Olonne.
Mini-Club Domaine de l'Oree   club enfants   pataugeoire ludique   aquafitness gym camping domaine de l oree olonne sur mer (3)
Indeed, we have chosen to stand out by offering you the best!
Facilitated by dynamic and smiling animators, you will enjoy your stay in Les Sables d’Olonne to lend you to the game of the many activities that our campsite offers you.
Whether you’re a football fan or a basketball fan, you feel like a fish in the water in our pools or in our aquatic space, you take it for Michael Jackson and the swaying on the track is your Cup of tea, that you want to participate in karaoke to exercise your vocal cords and make shiver a friendly public …
Mumphrey la mascotte des animations au camping du Domaine de l'Orée les Sables d'Olonne
Do not hesitate more than one second, our campsite with its entertainment program is unique to Sables d’Olonne, so contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

In front of the considerable number of campsites in the Vendée, you are undoubtedly to ask you on what criteria the award of stars to a campsite is made?
For a 4-star campsite in Sables d’Olonne, for example, it depends on the number and size of the pitches, the services that are likely to be offered, the welcome reserved for foreigners since we must master at least two languages And on the means of communication that we make available to you as an Internet site also published in several languages.
camping à proximité des plages des sables d'olonne
But if all the 4-star campsites of Les Sables d’Olonne respect these commitments, and while we all know that the level of requirement of each other is not the same, how to be sure to book your stay in A structure that meets our needs and desires?
The sites of opinion consumers can be a track to explore, they often give the temperature of what awaits you … kindness of the managers, cleanliness of the site, program of activities, environment … In short, they sometimes allow you to avoid the bad Surprises but rarely find the rare gem.
le Domaine de l'Orée camping 4 étoiles aux sables d'olonne
So trust your instinct, carefully browse the websites of these campsites, they often give you valuable information and help you find the structure best suited to your needs.
As for the Domaine de l’Orée, 4 stars campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne, we have put on a high quality aquatic space, on a very diverse entertainment program and of course we have the chance or the privilege of ‘Ideally located, on the edge of the forest and by the sea.
For more information you can contact us at02 51 33 10 59 Or book directly on our website

If you want to spend your holidays in the seaside resort of Les Sables d’Olonne, you can think of its wild coast, the magnificent beaches that make the reputation of our department, we think of the nautical activities to which the most thrill seekers dream of s’ Let’s imagine moments of well-deserved farniente or family hikes, on the bike paths that crisscross the Vendée … We simply dream to live to the rhythm of nature, wake up with the song of birds, to share with his children These moments of happiness …
camping proche de la la Plage des Sables d'Olonne
But many other activities that you have not thought of will be offered to you, indeed a few cables from our four-star campsite “Domaine de l’Orée”, you will find for example the equestrian center of Sables d’Olonne .
For example, you can introduce your children to horseback riding and make them aware of this universe by offering them pony rides, you can be sure that they will be delighted. For equestrian riders, the equestrian center of Les Sables d’Olonne will propose you to discover the joys of a gallop on the beach, to remind you in good memory of romanticism and passion, to feel free.
centre équestre aux sables d'olonne proche de notre camping
In addition to the many activities you will have at our campsite, finding an equestrian center in Les Sables d’Olonne, just a few steps from your drop-off point is a great asset, so do not hesitate Only second and join us at Domaine de l’Orée so that your holidays exceed all your expectations.
To know more you can consult our site or call us at 02 51 33 10 59.

While for economic reasons or simply because some of us wish to return to a holiday mode that brings them closer to nature, traditional camping is back in force. Formerly cheesy it has become topical again because it offers a much less expensive accommodation and especially children love it because they have the feeling of living a great adventure.
Only if today’s holidaymakers are ready to make concessions, to give up the cozy and functional aspect that the mobile homes offer, all are in search of pitches any comfort.
Emplacements tout confort dans le Domaine de l'Orée
The Domaine de l’Orée, a four-star campsite, proposes to offer its campers comfortable pitches in Les Sables d’Olonne but what is behind it and how can we objectively consider that they say TRUE.
At Domaine de l’Orée, in a verdant setting, your pitches are spacious, delimited by natural hedges and in this environment conducive to relaxation we reserve you a surprise of size …
 Is a novelty 2014, you can if you want to enjoy a location equipped with a private and private sanitary: the great luxury!
Camping du Domaine de l'Orée proche des sables d'olonne 
You understand, with all these characteristics that make our camping singular, we can reasonably talk about sites comfort, since in Sables d’Olonne, few structures can boast to offer these campers such a compromise .
For more information contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 Or visit our website

Do you know the most consulted consumer review sites? Zoover, Tripadvisor have become for some years already sites of choice when it comes to choosing the destination of its next vacation. Indeed, these sites gather the opinions of Internet users who judge the structures that have welcomed them, conveying information that is often fair, although sometimes excessive or subjective, which can nevertheless enlighten Internet users and avoid them making the wrong choice.
Avant de partir en camping aux sables d'olonne consultez les avis
On Google, when you launch the query “camping les Sables d’Olonne” you will find these sites opinion consumers. Because we are sure of our product, because we make every effort to satisfy our vacationers by offering them a multitude of services and offering them a host of animations, we have nothing to hide. However, with an average rating of 7.3 / 10 on zoover, while 142 people have posted a review for their stay at our campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne, we are glad to welcome you for their To be able to boast thanks to you of such a notation.
Domaine de l'Orée
And do not be fooled, we know that a discontented person will easily leave a trace on the Internet to harm the structure complained of that a holidaymaker delights who will prefer to leaf through his photo album and share with his friends his happy memories.
So, if you have stayed at the Domaine de l’Orée and have enjoyed it, testify your experience and give us pleasure, post an opinion on our campsite of Les Sables d’Olonne so that people know that here one n ‘ Is not far from paradise.
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When one evokes the practice of surfing on the Atlantic coast we obviously think of the Basque coasts or landes famous around the world for its surges and spots that are worthy of the best in the world.
One forgets that in the Vendée also the practice of this sport is possible. Proof our campsite is near the spot of Sauveterre aux Sables d’Olonne where surfing is the queen’s activity even if you can practice paddle or bodysurf.
La Plage des Sables d'Olonne idéales pour faire du surf
You should also know that there are other places in the Vendée where you can taste the joys of skiing, the Conches in the town of La Tranche sur Mer or the place called the Sauzaie in Brétignolles sur Mer, Since 2001 a major event the Protest Vendée Pro.
However, if there are quality spots in the Vendée, it is more rare to find a campsite near which you can exercise your passion for surfing, more than Sables d’Olonne, a seaside resort where surfers who appreciate The festive spirit will enjoy the bodegas or other nightclubs to roar the whole night of fun.
Faire du surf au bord de la mer aux sables d'olonne en Vendée
Besides, it may not be necessary that they go as far as surfing is not the only distraction to which they can taste since our camp-site will propose to them a set of activities and animations that should not Leave them indifferent.
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Golf is a sport practice that was once reserved for a certain elite but which for several years has tended to democratize and which finds every day new adepts.
Apprendre à jouer au golf en famille en vendée
The phenomenon Tiger Woods symbolizes by itself the revolution that has taken place in the approach of this sport more and more mediatized and which requires beyond prodigious address exceptional physical qualities. For this reason and many others, the Vendée has seen the birth of several courses on its grounds that allow for a diligent practice of golf.
Golf des Olonnes à proximité du camping
If some of you are still hesitating to take the plunge, the fact that our campsite is close to a golf course in the Vendée region can spark your desire and give you the opportunity to try out the game of the little white ball.
In an exceptional setting, on the seafront, you will discover the golf of Les Olonnes, a jewel dedicated to the practice of this sport, we are fortunate or privileged to welcome you in our campsite which can not be closer to this course Golf … A real rarity in Vendée!
Golf en vendée proche du camping de l'Orée
So, finish the mini-golf even if its fun aspect will always enchant the families in search of simple and shared pleasure, take in hand a club and a bullet, go on the driving range and meet the challenge … to take off the ball . Initially you may not take off at all but you can be sure that it will come quickly and that the laughter will be with you throughout your game.
Do not hesitate to reserve your stay in our campsite close to this unique golf course in Vendée by calling on 02 51 33 10 59. For more information visit our website

Are you looking for a good reviewed accommodation for your holiday in Olonne sur mer? Adept of nature, calm and rest !!!
The Domaine de l’Orée is a campsite among these, a structure ideally located by the sea and close to the forest of Olonne sur Mer.
Olonne sur mer la foret et la plage
If the Vendée has made a name thanks to the quality of these beaches, to its rate of sunshine, one of the highest in our country, thanks to its tragic history that the Puy du Fou, which has just been Devoted to the best leisure park of the world in 2015, retraces marvelously …
If the Vendée is a set of landscapes, a fauna and a flora of an exceptional density, it is a land that man has fashioned, exploited with reason and always in harmony with nature. But the Vendee, and you are less numerous to know, is also woods and forests.
camping proche de la foret d'olonne ou vous pourrez pratiquer l'accrobranche
Our campsite is close to the forest of Olonne sur Mer. This proximity in addition to direct access to the beach is a real luxury. In addition to ocean spray and iodized odors, you can smell acacia or holm oak trees and enjoy their shade to extend your towels and picnic with your family. In short, to stay in a campsite as close to the forest of Olonne sur Mer, it is to combine the blue and the green, and this has only advantages.
If you want to be informed about our services and to know more about our camping contact our team at 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

The Domaine de l’Orée is a campsite located in Olonne sur Mer, on the outskirts of the famous seaside resort which welcomes every 4 years the Vendée Globe Challenge, this sailing race that brings together the best skippers of our Compete for a unique adventure on the oceans and seas of the world, alone and without assistance.
Olonne sur mer non loin de l'épreuve du Vendée Globe
Olonne sur mer is a pleasant seaside and family resort on the Vendée coastline, highly prized since it meets all the criteria that give visitors the desire to stay there, taking advantage of a wild coast bordered by its state forest. On foot or by bike, you will also walk 40 hectares of marshes, which are home to an exceptionally rich flora and fauna. If most of you decide to put your suitcases in a campsite in Olonne sur Mer to taste the pleasures that nature has bequeathed us, you will be surprised to find that our municipality which puts everything in place to propose you various activities, Whether sporting or cultural, is resolutely dynamic.
Exhibitions, concerts, open doors, night markets, our municipality displays through all the programmed events its will to entertain its visitors, to make happy the holidays of our dear fellow citizens.
Camping l'évasion à Olonne sur mer et proche de ses plages
Staying in a campsite in Olonne sur Mer, you will have understood it, it is the pledge of successful holidays, it is for this reason that we welcome you with pleasure at Domaine de l’orée, ideal anchorage for leaving To the discovery of our country.
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According to figures disclosed by the FFCC (the federation of campers, caravaners, camping-caravans of France) the department of the Vendée has the most campsites, since there are 360 today. At the mere sight of these figures, you can imagine that the choice may prove to be perilous. How can we recognize among all these structures the one that will meet our expectations? If your mission is to find a quality campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne then we are well placed to help you. It so happens that our campsite Domaine de l’orée is a perfect compromise for the visitor who wants to enjoy high-end services within the campsite in a relaxed and family atmosphere.
Mobil home d'un camping qualité les sables d'olonne
If we have the indecency to say that it is in a quality campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne that you are going to stay, even though this notion is of a relentless subjectivity, it is that we offer you besides Many activities, direct access to the beach, access to the start of the cycle paths and all that while you are in the heart of a bosky bower.
camping qualité avec piscine le Domaine de l'Orée
The absolute dream! To meet your expectations, to satisfy your needs and your curiosity, is not that words is a quest that we claim so much we love to share with you our love of the Vendée. So to live a quality holiday in a campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne, do not hesitate for more than one second and pick up your phone to contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

Determining the best campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne is an objective that seems difficult to attain since it is as for the beauty of a most subjective approach.
Nevertheless, one can try to evaluate the structures according to the feelings and the opinions expressed by the customers. Many consumer opinion websites have emerged as zoover or tripadvisor and allow users to get an idea of the campsite in which they were planning to visit. Nevertheless, we must not be fooled, and we know that people who are dissatisfied with their stay are more likely to give advice than the campers delighted with their holidays.
Choisir le meilleur camping des Sables d'Olonne
To summarize, if these sites can sometimes avoid bad surprises it is not yet an insurance all risk and to find the pearl rare and why not the best campsite Sables d’Olonne it is necessary to do otherwise.
What are you looking for ? Various activities, a children’s club, a water park with slides and an indoor swimming pool, well-maintained sanitary facilities, spacious pitches, direct access to the beach, generous and unspoilt nature, a camping atmosphere, friendly and Family … In short, you are looking for the Everything in a campsite.
In other words, impossible mission!
Chalet au camping le Domaine de l'Orée les sables d'olonne
But the impossible is not sablais and at Domaine de l’Orée we can assure you that all that we have just listed above will be offered to you, perhaps it is for this reason that a lot of ‘You come back from one year to the next, assuring us to have found the best campsite in Les Sables d’Olonne.
For more infomrations you can contact us at 02 51 33 10 59. You can also consult our website

When you think of camping, prejudices are never far away, Fabien Onteniente’s film refers to the funny and engaging image of the camper whose days are punctuated by barbecues, aperos and karaoke evenings. Nevertheless, if the traditional camping always has its faithful, the structures have evolved and offer their clients accommodation solutions more and more comfortable.
Location de mobil home au camping le Domaine de l'Orée
At the Domaine de l’Orée, campsite located in Sables d’Olonne, more and more people opt for the rental of a mobile home. It is true that this formula is more expensive, but it has many other advantages: better bedding, easier cooking, waterproof shelter (of course it does not fear storms …). For 4.5, 6 or 8 people the mobile homes we rent are spacious, recent and are all furnished with a covered wooden terrace and a TV. At the heart of a forest, enjoying direct access to the beach and at the gateway to the Sables d’Olonne, you will enjoy the many activities and activities that our campsite offers.
Les Sables d'Olonne
So if you dream of a comfortable stay to feel at the campsite as well as at home, get closer to our team which will find for you a mobile home rental adapted to your family and your budget so that your holidays Sables d’Olonne are unforgettable.
You can contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 and to have access to all our rental park you can visit our site

Summer holidays are getting closer. It is time to think about booking a family holiday. But for many of you, what should be a pleasure becomes a chore … In fact, in front of increasingly seductive offers, Internet showcases always more careful how to be sure to choose the right destination, Which will suit you …
In short, organizing your holidays is not always a sinecure but we can help you. At Domaine de l’Orée, you will not be surprised. Our campsite has, for example, an aquatic space that has little equivalent to the Sables d’Olonne. We have heard of other things like direct access to the beach or bike paths, but if we insist on this, we know that for many of you it is a key criterion; In fact, we know from experience that campsites in Sables d’Olonne that enjoy a water area worthy of the name are widely acclaimed.
Espace aquatique au Domaine de l'Orée
Still, it’s not an all-risk insurance and it certainly is not enough! Our quality of reception, the cleanliness of the place, a calm and family atmosphere, a wide choice of activities, our teams within the campsite are trained and every day, smiling, they struggle to ensure your well-being And fully satisfy you.
You understand that we are proud to present our campsite with its aquatic space, which is located in Les Sables d’Olonne, but we are even more proud to see that every year you are more and more to come back … for our good Mood and quality of services offered.
Piscine intérieure de l'espace aquatique du camping le Domaine de l'Orée
For more information do not hesitate to contact the campsite at 02 51 33 10 59. You can also find all the information on our site

When one thinks of summer, the family vacations that are emerging, we already foresee the laughter shared with her children, bathing, sand castles, kites flying in the sky at the whim of the wind, Parties of rackets endiablées on the beach, and then we think of all these wonders that one will discover by furrowing of the footpaths, with bicycle …
In short, we rejoice in everything that awaits us!
Vélo à l'entrée du camping avec accès direct aux pistes cyclables
At the Domaine de l’orée, we have direct access to bike paths which is a major asset when it comes to discovering the Vendée. What better way than to pace the bike paths to observe this generous nature that is offered to you, to soak up the wild character of our coast, to taste the tranquility of these walks.
Our department has largely contributed to the creation of a unique network of bicycle paths, covering approximately 1000 kilometers of bike trails; This investment rewards the loyalty of our visitors who are each year more numerous, and who can then crisscross and discover the Vendée otherwise.
Pistes cyclables en Vendée
However, few campsites in Vendée can offer direct access to bike paths. Our highlights at the Domaine de l’orée are numerous, because in addition to having a remarkable aquatic space, direct access to the beach, a rich and varied entertainment program, we offer you the possibility To ride your bicycles and to go on the adventure by directly accessing the bike paths. La Vendee will soon have no secrets for you!
camping avec location de vélo sur place
For more informations you can contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 or well book your stay online on our site

At the campsite Domaine de l’Orée, everything is done to ensure that children from 7 to 77 years of age have fun, compete, grow together in joy and good humor.
Indeed, if it is rare to find a campsite animated all summer in Vendée, we bet to leave no respite to all those who aspire to more and more activities.
Les animations dans la piscine du Domaine de l'Orée
Between two baths, punctuated by infernal descents on our toboggans, the children can enjoy the playground and our inflatable structures, disguise themselves, make up makeup, or simply to make the hand making small dishes that they Will concoct during the courses of cooking that we propose … A whole program!
For the more athletic they can enjoy our facilities (multi-sport field, fitness room) to keep up the rhythm, compete against other campers or to refine their physique …
Obviously, for a campsite to be animated throughout the summer in the Vendée, participants are needed … And we never miss participants because from year to year according to your desires, always constructive criticism that reach us , We make sure to renew our program, to be inventive and surprising … Keep the smile from morning till evening … A formula that could become our credo!
Oh done! I was going to forget … At the Domaine de l’Orée, your campsite run all summer in the Vendée, we organize as the tradition of petanque tournaments, some of which have remained in the annals, both good mood and frank camaraderie were at Appointment.
So hurry to book your holiday in our cozy and family-friendly campsite by contacting us at 02 51 33 10 59 or by booking directly on our website

You have decided to stop in Vendée!
Vendée Plage Sauveterre proche du camping 4*
This choice is without a doubt the best one can do if you like to taste the joys of Mother Nature. Varied and wild landscapes, paradisiacal beaches whose reputation is not ignored by anyone, a patrimony of phenomenal richness; Discover La Vendée is to walk in the footsteps and maintain the memory of the chouannerie, in this unique setting, besides the beauty of the places you will feel the mysterious force that binds men to the earth.
The Domaine de l’orée is a 4 * campsite in the Vendée in the town of Olonne sur mer.
In addition to its direct access to the beach, this structure enjoys a privileged position and a fantastic environmental setting. A true Eden for families, if you stay in this magnificent 4 * campsite in Vendée, you take a risk … that of not daring to go on vacation elsewhere than at home.
La Piscine du Domaine de l'Orée
Warm welcome, high quality services, day and evening entertainment, it would be tempting to enjoy this “farniente” atmosphere to stay in the campsite … However, the activities around this 4 * campsite in Vendée are so numerous And varied (hikes, sports and nautical activities, museums, tree climbing) that this is not the time to let your curiosity take a nap; On the contrary, open your eyes, put on your sneakers, cast off the moorings and enjoy the thousand pleasures that are offered to you.
Plage des Sables d'Olonne
For more advice do not hesitate to contact our team who will be able to refer you according to your desires towards the activities that correspond to you and that you profit from the best of a 4 *.
You can contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 or visit our website

It is a dream ?
A holiday with direct access to the sea, feet in the sand from morning till evening … Well! You found !!!
Our campsite Domaine de L’Orée located on the Atlantic Ocean guarantees your stay facing the ocean and its maritime pine forest, ideally located with all the conveniences that offers the proximity of a city like Les Sables -d’Olonne.

camping avec un accès direct à la mer à travers la foretcamping avec accès direct bord de la mer

A walk along a path in the shade and lined with pine trees leading to the ocean, our 4 star campsite with Sables d’Olonne nearby ensures you access to the sea even when it is very hot. Ideal time for family and friends to savor the freshness of the woods, the species of maritime pines while crossing other hikers, on foot, by bike, or on horseback.
Always fan-footed, you can enjoy the terrace of a bar or our restaurant “La Paillote” for its dishes to take away. Even at the end of the day, access to our multisports field, tennis court, children’s playgrounds and inflatable structures are accessible for your relaxation whether sporty or in idleness mode. From the sea to the campsite, Even after a day on the sand, you will also appreciate all the services and entertainment that our team offers you during your stay. Relaxation can continue on our aquatic complex in our heated indoor and outdoor pools with slide, river buoys and aqua-fitness area.

Terrasse bar restaurant camping domaine de l'Oréecamping les sables d'olonne

From the sea and the sand, you will enjoy your accommodation, your children from 4 to 12 years old will also be able to spend pleasant moments with our mini-club of Mumphrey and its animators, like the big ones with our animated evenings for all Ages and all desires.
The Domaine de L’orée campsite is located on the seaside resort of Les Sables-d’Olonne, well known for its Vendée Globe, its large beach, embankment and harbor. But not only, it is also a pleasant area to discover with its salt marshes, its paths of walks, as also the markets and the shopping streets. Former hamlet of Fisherman, it will welcome you and delight you with its history and its assets that offers the Atlantic coast of Vendée called “coast of Light” all this in a beautiful summer atmosphere.
The whole team of camping Domaine de L’orée is at your service and awaits you for your next holidays with direct access to the sea and feet in the water !!!
Call at : 02 51 33 10 59

We’re there, vacation is in a few weeks?
You prepare the list of things to think for all your family …
Hey flute! Animals !!!
It is imperative that you stay in a campsite with the criterion pets allowed because otherwise the custody and a pension risks to seal your holiday budget …
Our campsite Domaine de l’Orée is here to welcome you to the doors of the Sables-d’Olonne in our comfortable accommodations with your pets following a few rules of etiquette to be allowed to keep them close to you.
What are the guidelines to respect the well-being and comfort of all?
On our campsite the pets are allowed and allowed on a leash in our walkways. Sanitary, they must be vaccinated and tattooed with the presentation of the vaccination record which will of course be up to date at the time of your arrival.

camping domaine oree olonne sur mer avec les animaux autorisés sur le camping

But to remember, dogs category 1 and 2 are not accepted.
So it’s settled … Phew! You will be able to finalize your holidays by booking on our campsite Domaine de l’Orée and enjoy your stay in our beautiful Sables-d’Olonne region in peace with your family and pets by calling: 02 51 33 10 59.
We tell you soon!
La Vendée wishes you a good holiday in Les Sables d’Olonne !!!

Do you plan to leave for your next vacation at the beginning or end of the summer season?
You are not sure that the time is of the part and remains a little fresh for your swimming in search of an indoor swimming pool, that it does not hold!
On our Domaine de l’Orée campsite, we assure you of a great moment of relaxation in our aquatic complex with our covered indoor swimming pool and heated the Sables d’Olonne nearby, or with the paddling pool for the little ones, you will also have A Jacuzzi, deck chairs, sun loungers and sanitary facilities for your comfort.

piscine interieure couverte et chauffee les sables d'olonne

For the less chilly, they can have a heated outdoor pool, slides: 1 loop and 3 pentagliss, another pool for swimming, water polo and aquagym.
The indoor swimming pool and the playful paddling pool are open from April. The water park is open daily from 10am to 8pm in early May until mid-September.
All this at the gates of Les Sables d’Olonne between sea and forest, facing the Atlantic Ocean on its coast of Light in Vendée.
Whether at the beginning or end of the season, the Sables d’Olonne region promises you a pleasant stay by discovering all its attractions such as its pine forest, its salt marshes, its long sandy beaches, its old hamlet Of fishermen with its shopping streets and its markets, its embankment like its port of fishing and pleasure.

port des sables d olonne vendee globe

Whether you are with family or friends, our whole team guarantees you to spend pleasant moments of end of day, by pausing on the terrace of our bar restaurant “La Paillot” with its take away dishes, like our evenings organized and Animated by our team of animators and our external service providers to relax you in the joy and the good humor.
So, a holiday with an indoor heated pool is your criterion of choice?
The campsite Du Domaine de l’Orée is ready to welcome you in a summer atmosphere, as with all its comfort to offer you a stay of seaside as it should be!
It’s here today! By phone at 02 51 33 10 59

Les Sables d’Olonne, a former fishermen’s hamlet is today one of the most famous seaside resorts, thanks to its famous Vendée Globe race, but also to its large beach and embankment, as well as its harbor. Bordered by a forest of maritime pines with walking paths, surrounded by salt marshes for more picturesque walks, it invites you also to beautiful walks through its shopping streets and its markets.

Centre ville des sables d'Olonne

It is a summer atmosphere that accompanies you throughout your stay on this small corner of the Vendée along the Atlantic coast, which is also called “Côte de Lumière”
Hey ! Yes ! Our campsite the Domaine de l’Orée 4 stars located in Olonne sur Mer, in the Pays des Olonnes invites you on this little corner dreamed. Our entire team is ready to welcome you, look no further! This is surely your next destination !!!
On our campsite you will find at your disposal all the services to make your stay pleasant and unforgettable. Enjoying our heated water complex and its indoor and outdoor pools with playful paddling pool, our 4 toboggans: 1 loop and 3 pentagliss and whirlpool for your relaxation, not to mention the river with buoys …
camping les sables d'Olonne
For your day-ends and return of great walks on our area of Sables d’Olonne, our bar-terrace and restaurant “La Paillote”, with take-away dishes, is at your disposal and will facilitate you family life. But if you prefer a more sportive or playful relaxation, the city-stadium (multisports field), the tennis court, pétanque court, ping-pong tables are also at your disposal. For the little ones, 2 playgrounds, 3 inflatable megastructures and our mini-club “Mumphrey” supervised by a team of animators (July / August). For all, our evenings animated by external service providers and our team of animators guarantee you good moments in July and August.
So, do not miss our campsite on the Sables d’Olonne, the whole team of Domaine de l’Orée is ready to welcome you for your next holidays by calling  : 02 51 33 10 59

Who says family holidays! Say holidays for everyone! Not easy when the ages and interests of children are different …
Our family campsite Domaine de L’orée with its 4 stars, near the Sables d’Olonne offers you on its space near the sea, everything you need for your family vacation.
Located in the country of Les Olonnes in Olonne-sur-Mer, you will find all the comfort you need, combining entertainment and services to your accommodation for a carefree holiday on our campsite.
camping en famille les sables d'olonneespace aquatique camping vendee
Relax for everyone in our water complex with our indoor and outdoor heated pools, with sunbeds inviting to relax and rest of parents, while your teens romp at their slides on our slides or in the river with buoys. But not to mention your little toddlers that can be initiated by games of discovery to tame our water bathing space.
Our campsite is also played on many relaxing times, with our bar-terrace as our restaurant “La Paillote” with its small takeaway. But still, our city-stadium (multisport field), children playgrounds, mega inflatable structures, the kids club “mumphrey” from 4 to 12 years (July / August). This all day long until our animated evenings.
What can we discover and do around our campsite for your family stay near Les Sables d’Olonne?
The region of Sables-d’Olonne famous for its large beach and embankment, seaside resort on the Atlantic coast in the Vendée, invites you to stroll through the maze of shopping streets, markets, its port ensuring a good atmosphere summer.
cote atlantique les Sables d'Olonnecamping familial avec activités les sables d'olonne
This former fisherman’s hamlet famous for its famous Vendée Globe, which takes place every 4 years at Les Sables d’Olonne at the same time, usually in November, will delight you with its attractions through its forest of maritime pines, its salt marshes, its paths of walks facing the ocean also called the Côte de Lumière.
Do not hesitate, the region of Sables-d’Olonne is made for all your family and our campsite Domaine de L’orée welcomes you with our team in complete tranquility.
Call us ! We are at your disposal for any questions: 02 51 33 10 59.

At the Domaine de l’Orée, a 4-star campsite in the Vendée, enjoy a beautiful aquatic area suitable for children and adults!
espace aquatique camping vendee
Discover our lagoon-shaped heated indoor pool with whirlpool and wading pool for kids.
Enjoy a swim in the heated outdoor pool with a whirlpool for relaxing sunbathing … For the more athletic, there is also another rectangular pool dedicated to swimming and water aerobics and / or activities like the waterpolo.
Slide in our water slides: 1 loop and 3 pentagliss to burst with friends or family! And also discover the river with 90m long buoys for guaranteed laughs.
camping vendee parc aquatique
From the indoor pool, access to the children’s area and have fun in the playful paddling pool: it is a covered and heated play area just for children on the theme of pirates! There are lion cubs, a pirate, water cannons, a parrot, a bucket that spills over their heads and above all … beware of the crocodile! Your children will be able to have fun and make lots of friends during the holidays at the campsite in Vendée!
Discover all our bathing services on our aquatic area page and visit our website to discover everything from Domaine de l’Orée to Olonne sur Mer in Vendée 85!
If you need any information, do not hesitate to contact us at 02 51 33 10 59 or!

Discover Les Sables d’Olonne during a stay in Camping 4 stars Domaine de l’Orée

les sables d olonne vendee globe
Les Sables d’Olonne is a beautiful seaside resort with a fishing port, a famous marina (Port Olona – Les Sables d’Olonne) and a beautiful beach with a lively embankment .
It is very nice to stroll during his holidays in the Vendée in the heart of Sables d’Olonne to enjoy the shopping streets and shopping, a harbor side, a sandy beach side end!
Port side, you can enjoy a wide driveway lined with restaurants and bar to quench your thirst with views of the fishing boats … your children will love!
Embankment side, you will appreciate the sunny view on a splendid beach of fine sand, exposed full south … ideal to sunbathe in family! The embankment is now one way after the work done in 2012-2013, parking outside the city center allow you to park your car, you can find the list here >> / city practice / parking /.
centre-ville les sables
The city of Sables d’Olonne is culturally rich with its tourist sites and its Museum MASC (Museum of the Abbey Ste Croix) … to discover with lots of activities for children.
Discover also the zoo of Les Sables in the heart of Les Sables d’Olonne behind Lake Tanchet a few minutes from the beach, you can find it here >>
zoo vendee
The Domaine de l’Orée is only 7 km from the center of Les Sables d’Olonne, so do not hesitate any more and choose our campsite 4 stars for your holidays at the gates of Les Sables d’Olonne.
contact: 02 51 33 10 59 or

Choose the 4-star campsite Domaine de l’Orée and children’s paradise for your holidays in Vendée

riviere a bouees camping 4 etoiles vendee petite pataugeoire ludique enfants piscine chauffee domaine de l oree vendee (1) Structure Gonflable Domaine de l'Oree

                                exterieur mobil home evasion 4 ch - 8 places camping domaine de l oree (1) camping proche des sables d olonne domaine de l oree pistes cyclables

Reason 1: The river with buoys 90m long. Come slide with us !!!
Reason 2: Our paddling pool for the little ones and our mini-club (in July-August)!
Reason 3: Our 3 inflatable megastructures for young and old with free access!
Reason  4: Our modern accommodations and all comfort: Cottage “PRESTIGE” to discover absolutely!
Reason 5: Direct access to the beach through the forest, or thanks to the free shuttle (in July-August)!
Reason # 6: Direct access to bike paths right out of the campsite … close to Les Sables d’Olonne!
There is no reason to hesitate!
Contact us to book your holidays at 02 51 33 10 59 or go directly to the tab “online booking“!
See you soon !

You want to stay during your next holidays at the sea near Sables d’Olonne and discover its beautiful embankment, beaches, markets, shopping streets …
Camping Domaine de l’Oree 4 stars, located in Olonne sur Mer and near the Sables d’Olonne invites you to stay in one of its comfortable rentals.
camping les sables d'olonne
You will find many services at your disposal during your stay such as the aquatic area with its heated indoor and outdoor pools, its slides, the river with buoys … an aqua-fun swimming area for children, the bar and restaurant “La “Paillote” with takeaway, the city-stadium (multisport field), children playgrounds, inflatable megastructures, daytime and evening entertainment (in July / August), children’s club from 4 to 12 years (in July August)…
Close to our campsite, enjoy your stay and discover the sands of olonne, beautiful seaside resort on the Côte de Lumière, facing the Atlantic Ocean in Vendée. Starting point of the Vendée Globe, a former fishermen’s hamlet, Les Sables d’Olonne resort is a must.
camping les sables d'olonne
Stroll through the forests of maritime pines or for a more picturesque walk in the salt marshes (Salines) where you can taste salt. Beautiful excursions to do with family!
Do not miss the visit of Les Sables d’Olonne and select our campsite nearby for your holidays.
The Domaine de l’Orée team is at your disposal to answer your questions: +33 (0) 2 51 33 10 59.

Looking for the campsite of your dreams in Vendée close to the beach?
Opt for the Domaine de l’Orée, 4-star campsite in Olonne sur Mer, Vendée, is near the beach of Sauveterre is less than 2 km and very close to the city center. The beach is easily accessible from the campsite on foot, by bike, stroller … or by car with parking for parking.
Les Sables d’Olonne, a famous seaside resort, offers a variety of landscapes from dunes, coastal paths, to the rocky coast … and long sandy beaches.
This resort enjoys a privileged climate, like the entire Vendée coastline. The sunshine of the Vendée is often compared to that of the Midi Mediterranean region, hence its name: Côte de Lumière.
During your future holidays in Vendée, the beach will be the ideal place to walk, stroll, sunbathe or to entertain young and old.
You can also observe the phenomenon of tides and coefficients, visible on the whole Vendean coast, where the sea goes up and down twice a day. In times of high tides, fishing on foot is conducive to the time of low tide.
camping domaine oree vendee plage sauveterre
Family, two or friends, enjoy all the pleasures of the beach in Vendée near your campsite
and choose the Domaine de l’Orée in Olonne sur Mer for your holidays!

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